Lyme Old Lyme Education Foundation Grant Highlights

Thursday, November 4th, 2010


LOLEF has placed a steadily increasing

volume of grants in the three years since

its inception, culminating in over

$29,000 placed in 2009. We are an allvolunteer

organization, with no hired

staff or consultants. We minimize our

overhead so that the maximum amount

of donations received can be directed to

educational grants.

A list of the grants that have been made

by the Lyme/Old Lyme Education Foundation:

Lyme-Old Lyme High School

  • • Biology PCR Laboratory Station
  • • Music Composition Studio
  • • Web Design Enhancements (software)
  • • CNC design & Engineering Technology
  • • Choral Master Works Concert
  • • Language Lab Technology
  • • Student Response System
  • • Humanities Enrichment
  • • FIRST Team 236 Video Editing

Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School

  • • Science Olympiad
  • • TV Studio
  • • Pottery Wheel
  • • Digital Music Composition
  • • Language Lab Technology
  • • Harmony in the Middle Project

Mile Creek Elementary School

  • • Butterfly Garden
  • • Early Elementary Literacy Enrichment

Old Lyme Children’s Learning Center

  • • Edible Learning Courtyard

Lyme Consolidated School

  • • Summer Reading Program

Lymes’ Youth Service Bureau

  • • Family Curriculum
  • • Courageous Parenting community event

Lyme Old Lyme Education Foundation President’s Message

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

A note from our president

It’s difficult to think of anything more

important to the quality of life in a

community and to its long-term vitality

than education. A community that

values its young people and cares

about their well-being and their potential

invests wisely and happily in

education. Schools, organizations and

initiatives that teach and inspire children,

families and adults are essential

to a civil and sustainable society.

It was with this conviction that a

small group of local partisans formed

The Lyme-Old Lyme Education

Foundation five years ago. Its purpose,

quite simply, is “to promote and

enhance education in our towns via

support of schools, organizations and

initiatives that offer innovative and

effective learning opportunities for

students of all ages.” Our goal is to

encourage the creation, continuation

or enhancement of ideas, programs

and curricula above and beyond those

traditionally provided by schools and

other institutions constrained by

mandates and finite budgets.

The first years of the foundation’s

grantmaking were funded by a small

number of donors that make gifts to

the LOLEF, a public charity. Less

than one hundred donors combined

gifts of many sizes to fund the foundation’s

initial grants.

Because of the impressive impact

these grants are having on our schools

and communities, the foundation is

expanding its efforts to attract

broader support from a larger crosssection

of the residents of Lyme and

Old Lyme.

Richard Korsmeyer

Town Campus Center Planning Committee Hires Architect

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010


Town of Lyme

Contact:  Janis Witkins                                                                                                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Tel:  860 434-6313

Cell:  860 304-3318



Lyme hires architects to design Town Campus Center

The Town of Lyme has hired the firm of Tuthill and Wells Architects LLC to develop a schematic design and project cost estimate for a proposed Lyme Town Campus Center.

The contract calls for the firm to design an expanded Lyme Town Hall and Public Library to be built on the current site on Route 156.  In 2009, the existing 1.25 acre site was expanded when an abutting 1.4 acres was acquired north of the library.  The goal is to tie together the two buildings and the site both functionally and architecturally, creating more of a town center. 

The Lyme Town Hall currently resides in a former church building which dates to the early 19th century.  The present library building was built in 1971.  Both a renovation of the existing buildings and new construction will be considered.

“I look forward to working with Bruce Tuthill and Peter Wells on our project.” said Dan Hagan, chairman of the Lyme Town Center Planning Committee. “They have extensive experience with this type of work and a genuine sense of Lyme – its rural roots, and respect for historical buildings.”

Tuthill and Wells, headquartered in Avon, have experience in designing town offices and libraries, having renovated or built over 45 libraries in Connecticut, including the Old Saybrook, Guilford and Groton libraries.

The choice of Tuthill and Wells began in the summer of 2009 when the Lyme Town Campus Planning Committee began developing a critical needs list for both the town hall and library.  The list was presented in a public meeting in November and revised based on citizens’ responses.   A request for proposals was issued in June 2010. 

From the nineteen proposals submitted, the committee chose three firms to make presentations.  In making a final decision, the committee not only considered the proposal documents and the presentations, but members also visited seven libraries that had been built by Tuthill and Wells.

“We are very enthusiastic about this project and anxious to begin the design work.” said Bruce Tuthill of Tuthill and Wells.  “Our goal is to restore the historic portion of the Town Hall in conjunction with the development of a new Town Center that will reflect the rural character of Lyme.  We look forward to working with the Building Committee on this very unique project.”

The schematic design is expected to take approximately three to four months to complete, and public comment will be welcomed and solicited throughout the process.

# # #

If you would like more information, contact Janis Witkins at 860 304-3318 or at