February 27th, 2013




                                                     SELECTMEN’S NEWSLETTER

                                                                  WINTER 2013


The Board of Selectmen has a sufficient volume of information to pass along to warrant publication of another newsletter

 First, the Town Hall/Library project remains on schedule with construction slated to get underway this summer. This is possible due to the fact that the threshold of a one million dollar minimum to be raised via grants and private donations as stipulated in the enabling resolution has been met. Presently, the total stands at 1.2 million with the prospect of a 200-thousand dollar historic preservation grant for the original part of the Town Hall on the horizon. The selectmen wish to thank all those who have participated to date for their generosity and support.

 Ultimately, our goal is to raise a total of two million dollars to offset the total project cost of 4.7 million. Our objective is to enable as many residents as possible to become stakeholders in the project and minimize its impact on the mill rate while affording an opportunity for interested parties of sufficient means to make tax deductible charitable donations benefiting the entire community. People wishing to participate should make checks payable to the “Town Hall/Library Building Fund” and send them to the town hall address, 480 Hamburg Road, Lyme, CT 06371. The town also has the capability of handling gifts of appreciated stocks and multi-year commitments. An anonymous donor has pledged to match up to the first 50-thousand dollars raised via this public solicitation. Anyone requiring additional information should contact First Selectman Ralph Eno at the town hall (860-434-7733).

 Town plans to convert the Brush Hill Road bulky waste landfill in to a transfer station and close the existing facility are proceeding on schedule. Within the next couple of months, the waste oil, antifreeze and battery collection site at the town garage will move to the Brush Hill Road location and the long promised “swap shop” will arrive before the end of the fiscal year June 30th.

 Lyme’s purely volunteer recycling program continues to produce outstanding results. The town is well ahead of the state average for tons of recyclables recaptured from the solid waste stream. The selectmen wish to remind everyone however that should we drop below the state benchmark we will be mandated by statute to initiate a curbside recycling program throughout town. This would have to be done by either a municipally run operation or private haulers. Either way it is an expense we should not have to incur. The town garage recycling facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please make every effort to utilize it to the fullest extent so Lyme does not find itself facing yet another unfunded state mandate.

 Next, some thoughts related to our recent snow storm, pick your own name. Your town crew worked for two straight days to try to keep our roads open during incredibly difficult circumstances followed by multiple days of post storm clean up. Thanks to all for your patience and courtesy. Please remember there is a town ordinance requiring homeowners or their contractors to remove any snow ending up on a town street or road as a consequence of driveway plowing. This is a serious safety issue.

 Large accumulations of snow on our road shoulders is an unfortunate byproduct of storms of this magnitude. Driveways do get closed in as plowing goes on. There are more than one thousand homes in Lyme. It is physically impossible for the town crew to accomplish its primary mission to open our streets and roads if they are also tasked with removing snow from the intersection of driveways with public rights of way. This has never been a town practice and on the rare occasion it does occur, is only done to assist with fire and ambulance calls.

 During the last two tropical storms, as well as the snow storm, loss of power, phone and internet capabilities  made it difficult to provide residents with timely updates on Lyme’s web page. In an effort to improve this situation, the selectmen will be working with the Lymes Patch to utilize additional media tools with the hope of having a backup means of communication during weather emergencies in addition to the web page.

 We also experienced numerous requests for contractor information during the storm. If you are a snow plowing or tree contractor and would like to be included on a list we are developing at the town hall, call the selectmen’s office at 860-434-7733.

 The groundhog didn’t see his shadow, and we apparently have more winter ahead of us. Please drive safely and make every effort to be prepared should Lyme have the misfortune to experience more significant weather events.

 Finally, the selectmen urge all residents who may not have done so already, to participate in the Lyme Ambulance Association’s Annual Appeal. Lyme Ambulance operates independently of town funding and is one of the last such associations in the state which does not charge for its services. Please support this vital town asset with your tax deductible contributions. Information packets are available at the Town Hall and other locations around town.