The following update is based on information received on Saturday, August 27, 2011 at approximately 11:00 AM. Please continue to monitor local weather stations as projected storm arrival times and tracking data are subject to change.  

The Town of Lyme is bracing for impact from Hurricane Irene. Tropical storm level rain is expected to arrive Saturday afternoon and evening, with accompanying tropical storm winds anticipated around 11PM. Category 1 hurricane force winds will hit at about 7AM Sunday along the coast and continue at minimum force with gusts up to 90 MPH for a minimum of two to three hours with winds diminishing thereafter.

Seven to nine inches of rain is forecast over the duration of the storm.

The Lyme Emergency Operations Center at the Hamburg Fire Station will be opening at 6:00 PM Saturday evening. The EOC phone number is 860-434-9683. Both the Hamburg and Hadlyme Fire Stations will open at the same time. The Hamburg number is 860-434-1329. The Hadlyme number is 860-526-2333.

Be prepared for protracted power outages. Store water in bathtubs and have a gallon of water per person per day on hand in your homes for human consumption. Avoid the use of candles and other flame based lighting devices to mitigate fire hazzards.

Unless you reside in a flood prone area, stay sheltered in your home. Lyme will have some sheltering capacity at its two fire stations and, if needed, the Lyme Consolidated School. The school however has no auxiliary power and will be utilized only as a last resort. The East Lyme Middle School on Society Road will also be available as a shelter option for Lyme residents  including those with special needs and pets should the need arise. This shelter will open at noon, Saturday. People bringing pets must have cages or leashes to keep their animals under control and must also bring pet food supplies. Lyme residents availing themselves of this option must make sure they bring all necessary medications and personal hygene products.  Volunteers will be needed to help out at the East Lyme facility. Ultimately, details as to how to volunteer will be available through the Lyme EOC.

The Lymes’ Senior Center on Town Woods Road will have auxiliary power available post storm for Lyme and Old Lyme residents for meals and toilet facilities.

The Governor is asking that all motorists be off the roads by nightfall and state roads will be officially shut down when the tropical storm winds arrive.

This is projected to be a storm of considerable magnitude. Stay indoors for its duration and if forced to travel avoid downed powers lines at all cost. The town is as prepared as it can be for such an event. Patience and good judgement will go a long way toward getting us all through the next few days.