The Board of Selectmen issued this appeal last year. Unfortunately, the economic climate has not improved to any great extent. With this in mind, the Board feels it is appropriate to reissue its request for assistance.

The on- going economic downturn is making itself felt more than ever these days in Lyme. Our Social Services Coordinator Kathy Tisdale is experiencing new, record levels of requests for assistance with necessities such as home heating oil, utility bills and food.

Traditionally, these requests are dealt with in a number of ways including a discretionary account at her disposal which is funded solely by private donations. Its primary function is to provide help for people who for whatever reason cannot qualify for the usual programs for relief. The Town of Lyme does not allocate any taxpayer dollars to a budget line item for this purpose, relying exclusively on the periodic generosity of individuals and civic organizations to meet what has heretofore been a limited demand for public assistance.


Relentless pressure on her limited funds has severely diminished her capacity to deal with continued and increasing requests for assistance in Lyme. The Board of Selectmen wishes to take this opportunity to make the community aware of this situation and encourage those with an inclination to do so to help replenish the account.


Donations may be sent to the attention of Kathy Tisdale at the Lyme Town Hall, 480 Hamburg Rd., Lyme, CT 06371. Checks should be made payable to the Emergency Assistance Fund.


Thanks to all for your time and consideration.



The Lyme Board of Selectmen