As of Saturday morning, storm Sandy has been upgraded to hurricane status once again. Exactly where it will make landfall is still undetermined. Projections show it hitting as far south as southern New Jersey and as far north as Manhatten. Regardless of its ultimate path, Lyme can expect to experience strong winds, possibly of tropical storm force along with heavy rainfall over a period of several days.

Residents should take some basic precautionary steps now in order to be properly prepared when Sandy arrives probably some time Monday night or early Tuesday morning. An emergency supply kit should include:

1. A three day supply of water-at least one gallon per person per day

2. Food for at least three days-Canned/sealed or packaged foods and juices which do not require refrigeration or cooking-Foods for infants and the elderly

3. Non-electric can opener-cooking tools and fuel-paper plates and plastic utensils

4. Paper towels and toilet paper

5. Battery powered radio-flashlights and cell phone with extra batteries

6. Blankets/sleeping bags and pillows for each member of the family and a change of clothing

7. Baby supplies

8. First aid kit and prescription medications

9. Pet supplies-Food, pet carrier, leash and ID collar

10. Make sure all vehicles are fully fueled-Have an extra set of car keys credit cards and cash

Now is the time to make sure any generators are properly installed and have an adaquate fuel supply. Secure all yard furniture flower pots and tools to keep them from becoming airborne. make sure your LPG tanks are closed and properly secured. High water can tear tanks away from their bases and create floating hazards for rescue staff.

Lyme Emergency Management officials presently plan to open the town’s Emergency Operations Center sometime Monday night. The EOC number is 860-434-8693. If the need arises, both the Hamburg and Hadlyme fire stations will be open to provide services and information to residents needing assistance.

The town’s list of residents with special needs is being reviewed and they will be contacted at some point prior to the storm to make sure they will be safe and secure in their homes.