CL&P responds to outages from heavy snow, high winds
Operational Status: WARNING MODE

CL&P has activated its Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan.  The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.

·        CL&P is responding to approximately 6,400 customers without power, caused by heavy, wet snow and high winds overnight.
·        Customers are encouraged to report power outages by calling 800-286-2000, or visiting

·        Safety First and Always: employees have been notified of the following safety messages:
o        Use caution when working in slippery conditions
o        Work Sites: Hazard identification and control
o        Safe Driving: Clear vehicle of snow, slow down
·        It is extremely important that our customers stay away from downed wires and anything the wires may be touching.  Customers should call 9-1-1 to report them and protect others from harm.  Additional safety tips on downed wires and more can be found here:  

STAFFING/RESOURCE PLANNING (numbers are approximate)
·        CL&P Line Crews:  130 crews (260 workers) available
·        Contractor Line Crews:  34 crews (68 workers) available
·        Tree Crews:  150 crews (300 workers) available
·        CL&P Employees: All remain prepared for storm duty, including patrollers, wires-down guards and Town Liaisons.

·        Crews and other support personnel:  Being redeployed to areas with trouble spots.

·        Customer Care has handled 1,500 calls overnight until 8 a.m. today.  The service level is 94% of calls answered within 30 seconds, and an average speed of answer of nine seconds.
·        State and municipal communications are being distributed as they become available.
·        No municipalities have requested a Town Liaison for support; the Community Relations team is actively working with their municipalities.  

·        CL&P’s operational status is currently in Warning mode.
·        CL&P is prepared for a Level One event.  Details may change, depending on actual weather conditions.
·        The CL&P Emergency Operations Center in Berlin is fully staffed at this time.
·        All work continues to be dispatched as normal from the Berlin System Operations Center (SOC).