January 26, 2016 is the last day that an enrolled elector can transfer from one party to another and be eligible to vote in the Presidential Preference Primary of the new party that the elector is transferring to.

The Presidential Preference Primary will be held April 26, 2016.

The purpose of the Presidential Preference Primary is to establish a basis for the selection of Connecticut delegates to the national convention of the party named. The votes cast at this primary will determine, in accordance with the law and the rules of the party, the number of delegates, if any, committed to each candidate for the party’s presidential nomination, and the number of uncommitted delegates.

PLEASE NOTE:  IF YOU ARE REGISTERED AS “INDEPENDENT”, THAT MEANS YOU ARE AFFILIATED WITH THE INDEPENDENT PARTY.  A long time ago, people referred to themselves as Independent if they did not want to be affiliated with any party, however now there is an actual Independent Party.  If an individual does not want to be affiliated with a party, that person needs to register as “Unaffiliated”, not “Independent”.

If you are not sure which party you are currently enrolled in, feel free to contact the Town Hall (860.434.7733).