During firearms deer hunting season beginning Wednesday, November 16 through Tuesday, December 20, 2015, the following preserves are closed Monday through Friday: Banningwood Preserve, Beebe Preserve, Chestnut Hill Preserve, Eno Preserve, Hand Smith, Honey Hill Preserve, Jewett Preserve, Mount Archer Woods, Pickwick’s Preserve, Plimpton Preserve, and Slawson Preserve; except to licensed hunters who have been granted a permit of consent for the property. All these preserves are open to non-hunting users on Saturday and Sunday as no hunting is allowed there on those days.

The hunting program of the Town of Lyme and the Lyme Land Conservation Trust is administered through the Lyme Open Space Coordinator.  Hunting helps control deer browse damage, decreases the number of wildlife related car accidents, helps decrease the spread of tick-related diseases, and provides access for a traditional use of open space in Lyme.

For more information about the Hunting Program, visit: http://www.lymelandtrust.org/stewardship/hunting-program/