Dear Property Owner: The State of Connecticut requires that each municipality revalue real property periodically to ensure that assessments are equitable. The Town of Lyme has retained Vision Government Solutions, Inc. to conduct the revaluation of the town for 2018. Representatives from the Appraisal department of Vision Government Solutions, Inc. will be in your area shortly to conduct the first phase of the revaluation process. Each Vision data collector will have a Vision photo identification card. Residents are encouraged to ask to view this identification prior to admitting anyone into their homes. When the Vision data collector visits your property they will verify the exterior measurementsof each building. If a person 18 years or older is available at the home to allow entry, the Vision data collector will request to inspect the interior including basement and easily accessible attic space. They will also take an exterior image of the property. At the conclusion of the inspection, the homeowner or resident will be asked to sign the data collection form only to verify that the interior inspection took place. If no one is available at the time of the visit to the property, follow up letters will be sent to owners with information on how to schedule an inspection appointment. If you have questions as to the identity of a data collector, call Troop F, Westbrook at (860) 399-2100 (non-emergency number) for further confirmation. Each data collector has personal and vehicle information registered with Troop F, Westbrook and the Assessor’s Office. If you have other questions please call the Assessor’s office at (860) 434-8092. Thank you for your cooperation. The Assessor’s Office