Lyme Election Results – Elected by Vote on November 7, 2017

The following individuals were elected to serve:

Judge of Probate (Lyme results only) – Jeannine Lewis

First Selectman – Steven Mattson

Selectmen – Parker Lord and John Kiker

Town Clerk – Linda Winzer

Town Treasurer – William Hawthorne

Board of Finance – David Brown, Kathryn Wayland and Peter Evankow

Board of Finance Alternates – Jarrod Leonardo and Daniel Hagan

Board of Assessment Appeals – Hayden Reynolds

Planning & Zoning Commission – Ann Rich, William Koch and E. Hunter Ward

Zoning Board of Appeals – Winnifred Gencarella and Jack Sulger

Zoning Board of Appeals – Judy Davies

Library Directors – Susan Cole, Jack Sulger and Diane Brown

Regional Board of Education – Stacy Leonardo