The recent malfunction of the emergency-notification siren served as a reminder that the Town of Lyme resides within the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone for the Millstone nuclear power plant. To help prepare our community to better respond to a real emergency, the Board of Selectmen would like to encourage all Lyme residents to take the following steps:

The following information may also be useful to know:

  • Millstone’s warning sirens may be activated for situations other than nuclear power plant emergencies, including incidents involving hazardous materials or weather-related emergencies.
  • The sirens are not a signal to evacuate; they are a signal for residents to turn on their TVs or radios, and listen for information from the state’s Emergency Alert System (EAS).  A list of stations that participate in broadcasting emergency alerts can be found in the Dominion Energy manual listed above.
  • As possible secondary sources of information, residents can also look for emergency notifications from the CT Alert system (see above); or on the Town of Lyme’s website or Facebook page.