Message from the P&Z Commission:

When you think about the Town of Lyme, the idyllic image of the Tiffany Farm – surrounded by wooded hills – comes to many people’s minds.  It is one of countless, beautiful local vistas that are admired, photographed and painted by residents and visitors. These beautiful landscapes are a combination of fields and forests that are a result of Lyme’s agricultural past and present uses.

During the last town-wide survey for the Plan of Conservation and Development, the people of Lyme overwhelmingly expressed support for agriculture. The State of Connecticut has also been encouraging individual towns to pass regulations supporting local farms and protecting farm land.

To address these directives, the Lyme Planning & Zoning Commission has been working to modify existing regulations and add some new ones that will promote, protect, retain and encourage uses that are consistent with Lyme’s rural character. These proposed changes will allow practices and activities that support economically viable agricultural use of Lyme’s remaining farms and farmland – and will be open to public input and comment.

In the near future, the P&Z Commission will hold a Public Hearing to facilitate a conversation with residents about the proposed changes and to solicit public comment and feedback. Watch for the announcement of the Public Hearing in the local media and on the Town of Lyme website and Facebook page.

Lyme’s original rural character is based on the small farm.  Small-scale farms will only survive if the Town supports continued agricultural use in a variety of contexts compatible with changing times.