Single-stream recycling will begin at the Hamburg Recycling Center on Monday, Sep. 30, as our remodeling project comes to a close.  With single-stream recycling, residents will no longer have to sort their recyclables into separate bins at the center.  All accepted recyclables can be disposed of in the same bin. 

In addition to offering single-stream recycling, residents will notice other several other big changes.  These changes include the following:

  • Residents will no longer need to walk up stairs to reach the recycling bins.
  • A recycling compactor will be installed to enable the Town to include more recyclables in a single load and reduce its recycling costs.
  • Motion-detector lights will be installed so residents who recycle after dark can see what they are doing.
  • 24/7 video monitoring will be installed to enable the Town to identify and fine people who leave household trash or unrecyclable garbage behind – or otherwise misuse the recycling center.

There will be lots of new signage at the remodeled center to help guide residents with the proper disposal of recyclables and other trash.  Click on the links below to see previews of the new signs currently being developed:

As always:

  • All recyclable items should be empty, rinsed, clean and open.
  • Recyclable items should not be shredded, boxed or bagged.
  • All corrugated cardboard boxes should be flattened.