The Town of Lyme is pleased to announce that the emergency services in our community have been enhanced by a new response system for emergency medical calls, providing even more resources to provide the best aid to our residents.

Lyme Ambulance’s medical services have been expanded to include a special response unit of the Lyme Fire Company, referred to as a Supplemental First Responder (R1S). The new service took effect on August 12th and will entail automatically dispatching the Fire Company’s R1S Team in a Rescue truck when response time is especially critical or extra medical service manpower is needed at the scene. 

With the full support of the Town and both agencies’ members, the Lyme Fire Company was designated by the Connecticut Office of Emergency Medical Services as a qualified Supplemental First Responder. First Selectman Steve Mattson said, “I am proud of the way our first responders cooperated in structuring the R1S initiative – both organizations agreed right up front to be guided by what’s best for the Town and its residents while balancing the unique identity and missions of each organization and their dedicated members.”

Lyme Ambulance Chief Steve Olstein reports that the Supplemental First Responders are specially trained Lyme Firefighters who have also achieved the same type of emergency medical certifications from the State of Connecticut as Lyme Ambulance members. Olstein also points out that several of the Firefighters are, or have been, members of the ambulance company.

Chief John Evans of the Lyme Fire Company noted “the Supplemental First Responders will arrive at the scene of an emergency in a Lyme Fire Rescue Truck equipped with life-saving medical equipment, similar as to what is carried on the ambulance” and “our primary missions are supplementing and supporting the efforts of Lyme Ambulance Members and ensuring the on-scene safety of residents and emergency medical service personnel alike.”

Lyme Ambulance and the Lyme Fire Company are very excited about the expansion of Lyme’s overarching emergency services mission and the enhanced emergency medical response, and are looking forward to working together as partners. The Lyme Fire Company and Lyme Ambulance Association are both independent, not-for-profit organizations staffed entirely by volunteers from the community that, in the words of both Chiefs, “share a deep commitment to serving the community and their neighbors.”