The coronavirus is the biggest public health challenge Lyme has faced in generations.  We want to make sure none of our vulnerable residents are facing this challenge alone. 

In preparation for anticipated needs in days ahead, the Town of Lyme is issuing a call for volunteers who are willing and able to help isolated individuals in our community.  We anticipate a need for volunteers who can pick up and deliver groceries, medications and other supplies; and volunteers who can offer ongoing emotional support by phone or email. In the future, there may be additional ways that you can help.

The volunteer coordination effort will be led by our Social Services Director and our Town Clerk, supported by our Emergency Management Department and Second Selectman.

Please email your name, address and phone number to our Town Clerk at if you are willing to help.  She will be compiling a list of resident volunteers.  If you have other expertise you think may be valuable in serving others during the coming days, please mention that in your email.

Thank you for helping us look after one another.

Stay Informed

  • Residents are encouraged to visit the Town website and Facebook page frequently for the latest public health advisories and updates.
  • Residents are also encouraged to sign up for the Town email list here on our website to receive important public health updates by email.