It has been 10 days since the last update when we announced the first coronavirus patient in Lyme. We are cautiously optimistic to note that we have not yet seen another case. Neighboring towns continue to experience increasing numbers of cases and we should anticipate the same here. Please be diligent in keeping yourselves, your families, friends and neighbors safe as we work together to protect ourselves and our town.

Updates to our preparations:

  • The ambulance, fire and emergency management services continue to be ready. Protocols to protect the first responders and the patients on 911 calls have been modified and responders may be in protective equipment upon arrival at your homes if called. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been ordered and stockpiled and the flow of additional supply has been arranged with the state, if needed.
  • The COVID-19 Response Team is following all developments and participating daily with the Governor, State Health Department and Department of Emergency Management & Homeland Security to be fully aware of the most up-to-date information and recommendations.
  • Our volunteer appeal has been overwhelmingly successful. Thank you. Over 100 of you have offered to help. These volunteers are making contact (non-physical) with any residents who would like to be followed, just in case. We are actively seeking other residents who may be more comfortable knowing the town is available and can assist in addressing emergency needs that may come up. Volunteers may be needed for additional purposes if things progress negatively. It is a comfort to know this community stands up and takes care of one another. A large reason why we love living here.
  • The town facilities remain closed, but the government remains open and operational. Town Hall and library employees can be reached by email and will assist in most cases. The town crew is working on a reduced basis, but work continues on our roads. “How-to” instructions for our land-use responsibilities have been posted on the website to try and make things a little easier. The website will continue to be updated as the situation changes.
  • The town’s boards and commissions are getting back to work. Their meetings will be held virtually and remain open to the public. Agendas are posted on the website with instructions on how to participate, if desired. Minutes are also posted summarizing the actions taken in those meetings. It is our hope that all boards will be back on their normal meeting schedule by May.
  • The development of next year’s budget (beginning July 1, 2020) has continued and will be presented at a virtual Budget Hearing, on April 28, 2020 by the Board of Finance. The Board of Finance will be empowered to adopt this budget and set the mill rate for next year without Town Meeting approval. The proposed budget will be posted on the website with an email address made available for your comments. The Board of Selectmen’s budget proposal, being reviewed and debated by the Board of Finance, recommended a balanced budget that would not require a property tax increase next year.
  • Our land preserves, along with those owned by the Lyme Land Trust, remain open and have available some of the best hiking trails in CT. We urge you to take advantage of them for exercise and fresh air. Please remain at least 6 feet apart from others as you enjoy our beautiful town.

We have had a wonderful suggestion from a resident.

Feeling a little antsy, need some fresh air and exercise? For many of us it’s the first time that we actually have some spare time on our hands. How about sprucing up our town roadsides.  Our roads collect garbage and recyclables we can collect.  Take two bags; one for garbage and one for recyclables – cans, bottles and plastic make up about 90% of roadside trash. If you can, hold on to the recyclables until the recycling center reopens. And for more fun and quality time, meet up with a friend or neighbor (keeping your distance of course) or make it a family adventure. It’s just a little thing we can do in this time of stress that’s good for the town and the environment.

 This is a great suggestion, especially since the Public Hall’s Annual Spring Roadside Clean-Up has been cancelled for this year.

We should congratulate ourselves for our adherence to social distancing. This is the single most impactful action we can all take to protect us all. Lyme has responded well to this request and we trust that this will continue. As the weather warms, and the lure of being outside and the need for social contact grows, we ask you all not to get complacent. The lack of case numbers in Lyme is partially due to our social distancing actions. We need to see this through until the end … together.

Please take care, stay safe and stay home.

Steven Mattson
First Selectman