On Aug. 17, the Rogers Lake Authority issued the following update:

“At the Rogers Lake Authority meeting on August 12, it was decided to continue to monitor the Rogers Lake water level before making the final decision on the 14-inch drawdown at the group’s meeting on September 9.

“The lake’s water level is already down around 8 inches.  The concern is the lack of rain and any impact the extended dry period might have on wells in the area.  If the lack of rain continues, the lake’s water level may be down 14 inches shortly after Labor Day.

“If the 14-inch drawdown occurs so that lakeshore property owners can conduct any maintenance to their docks or sea walls, it would start September 15th.  The lake will be allowed to start to refill October 22.

“Thank you for your assistance.

“Dennis Overfield – Co-Chairman Rogers Lake Authority