Please be aware that the rate of COVID-19 infections in New London County has significantly accelerated in the last week.

The present average number of daily new cases has risen from 5-7 cases a day in early September to more than 35 cases a day now – and stands at a level that is 50% higher than the peak we experienced in May.

We have not yet seen a slowing of this growth in new cases and we are concerned of where these numbers may continue to go.

We recommend that residents who are in a high-risk category – above 60 years of age or with preexisting medical conditions – be vigilant in protecting themselves; and we urge residents who may have contact with high-risk individuals to take all necessary steps to protect these citizens.  Continued social distancing, handwashing and the use of masks remain the best defenses against infection.

The one slightly less worrisome piece of news in the data is the number of deaths in New London County.  Deaths have increased, but at a slower rate than new cases and remain low – below the level of 1 new death each day.

New London County has experienced a total of 2,087 cases and 118 deaths since data collection began. Lyme has experienced only 9 cases so far – and no deaths, for which we are grateful.

Please protect yourselves and your families, neighbors and friends as we weather this new surge in local area infections.

— Steve Mattson, First Selectman