Region 18 Schools are competing in the Trex Recycling Challenge and the Town of Lyme is helping. Residents can take their clean, empty and dry plastic film to Town Hall and place it in the Trex recycling bin located near the entrance. The recycling challenge pits schools against one another in a friendly, environmental-stewardship competition to collect the most plastic film for a chance to win benches or other products for schools.  For more information on the recycling program, go here.

To be recycled, plastic film must be clean, dry, empty and free of food residue.

  • “Stretchy” plastic film is acceptable; non-stretchy plastic film is not.
  • If you see a #2 or #4 recycling symbol on plastic film, it may be put in a Trex bin.
  • Please remove the air from pillow-pack bubble wrap.
  • See below for specific examples of what can and can’t be recycled via the Trex bin.