On Tuesday, May 3, the Rogers Lake Authority (RLA) issued the following statement:

“The Pond and Lake Connection will be on Rogers Lake the morning of Friday, May 6, 2022, for the treatment of the invasive aquatic weed, curly-leaf pondweed. 


“The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station conducted a two-week aquatic weed study during the summer of 2021 and identified five invasive aquatic weeds in the lake.  Most aquatic weeds grow during the warmer weather, but the curly-leaf pondweed flourishes during the winter months and dies off in early June.  Thus, treatment of this invasive aquatic weed needs to be completed while it is still flourishing. 


“Connecticut DEEP has issued a permit for the treatment of the five invasive aquatic weeds this year.  Many of the invasive aquatic weeds have been introduced via the State boat launch and this treatment with the aquatic herbicide flumioxazin will mainly be focused in this area.  There are no restrictions in the use of the lake with this treatment.”