On Thursday, Sep. 15, the Rogers Lake Authority (RLA) released the following statement:

“Every year, emergency responders throughout Connecticut are dispatched multiple times to bodies of water upon receiving reports of an unmanned watercraft observed floating around. This has happened on Rogers Lake too.  Emergency responders must assume that there was an incident.  Many man-hours are spent needlessly trying to determine if there wasn’t someone that needed assistance or worse.  You can help emergency responders throughout Connecticut by affixing a Vessel Identification Sticker (VIS) to your watercraft. This sticker provides owner identification and contact information to emergency responders, and allows them to quickly decide if an empty watercraft needs an emergency response.  Please avail yourself to as many VIS as you need and affix them to your small watercraft that could accidentally find its way into the water unmanned.  The DEEP has provided VIS and other useful information in the lobby of your Town Hall.”