The Town of Lyme has contracted with Vision Government Solutions Inc. (VGSI) of Northboro, MA, to complete its state-mandated five-year revaluation program. The revaluation project will establish market value as of October 1, 2023. This is a statistical revaluation, however the VGSI staff will be doing inspections and data collection throughout the process and Vision staff will be working closely with the Assessor’s office to complete the project. The assessments established through revaluation will be reflected in the tax bills issued for July 2024.

Data mailers have been mailed to all Lyme property owners advising them of the data currently on file with the Assessor’s office. Please review the information carefully as your cooperation is essential to the success of this project. After reviewing the data mailer information, please indicate the necessary changes on the form and return to the Assessor’s office. Note it is still necessary to return the form even if there are not any changes. Failure to return the form may trigger an inspection. Additional ownership and property information can be viewed at

Any property owners who have questions concerning the revaluation process can contact the Assessor’s Office during working hours at 860-434-8092 or Please look for further updates on the Town of Lyme website as the revaluation process continues.