The chip sealing of Town roads begins today.  The contractor will start with the roads surrounding Rogers Lake and then move on to Burr Road and Bill Hill Road.

Please be patient during this road construction – be mindful of our Town Crew and contractor who will be hard at work, and use caution when traveling through these areas.

The 20 roads scheduled to undergo chip sealing this summer include:

  • Alden Place
  • Avenue B
  • Becket Hill Road
  • Bill Hill Road
  • Blood Street
  • Brockway’s Ferry Road
  • Burr Road
  • Clark Road
  • Cove Road
  • Day Hill Road
  • Elys Ferry Road
  • Honey Hill Road
  • Oak Street
  • Oakland Avenue
  • Park Side Drive
  • Roger’s Lake Trail
  • Selden Road
  • Shore Drive
  • Tinker Lane
  • Town Woods Road