The revaluation project will determine the fair market value of every property in the Town to equalize the values of all properties for the purpose of a fair and equitable distribution of the tax burden. Property revaluations are mandated by the State of Connecticut and must occur every five years.

Over the last year, Vision Government Solutions appraisal staff members have been analyzing residential property sales and performing parcel-by-parcel reviews of value. The valuations continued through September as new property sales occurred. The revaluation date of appraisal is Oct. 1, 2023.

Important Date/Notice for Property Owners: Property owners can expect to receive a new value notice in Nov. 2023.

The new property valuations will be made available online for the public’s review when notices are mailed. This site will allow inquiry access to the Assessor’s database, including value summary, property data and general revaluation information.

Property owners with questions concerning the revaluation process or the data collected on their property will have an opportunity to meet with a representative of Vision Government Solutions to discuss their new valuation in early December, either by a phone appointment or an informal hearing. In-person hearings will be held at the Lyme Town Hall.

If you wish to appeal your new assessment after the informal hearing process with Vision Government Solutions is complete, property owners must file a written appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA) on or before Feb. 20, 2024. BAA appeal forms will be made available at the Tax Assessor’s Office and online.

For more information about the revaluation process, please visit

For questions about the revaluation process or additional information, please contact the Tax Assessor’s Office at 860-434-8092.

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