The Town of Lyme announced today that a Special Town Meeting will take place on Monday, Apr. 15, at 6:00 p.m., at Lyme Town Hall for residents to consider and vote on a supplemental budget appropriation of $220,000 for the renovation of the Lymes’ Senior Center.  The official notice of the Special Town Meeting will be published Apr. 8 in The Day.

The additional funds are being requested by the Lymes’ Senior Center Building Committee due to construction bids that came in higher than anticipated and the newly added request for a kitchen upgrade that the Towns of Old Lyme and Lyme made in February.

According to the committee, the supplemental appropriation breaks out in brief as follows:

  • The cost overrun has been reduced to $800,000 – a figure which reflects approximately $600,000 in constructions savings and an increase in contingency funds of nearly $65,000 to cover unforeseen circumstances.
  • The kitchen upgrade is estimated to require an additional $80,000.
  • The total supplemental appropriation being requested from both towns is $880,000.
  • The Town of Lyme’s share of that cost (25%) comes to $220,000.

The Lyme Board of Selectpeople and the Board of Finance have reviewed and approved the supplemental appropriation request, but the funding still must be approved by the voters of Lyme at the Special Town Meeting that will be held on Monday, Apr. 15.  The committee’s goal is to get the budget appropriations approved by both towns before the construction bids expire on May 6.

Lyme residents approved an initial appropriation of $1,315,886 at last year’s Town Budget Meeting and, since that time, through efforts of the towns and the committee, the project has been awarded $1 million in grants from the state. When the renovations are completed, the Senior Center will have:

  • An additional 3,265 square feet of interior space (for a total of 8,737 square feet of interior space) that will enable the center to accommodate more members and activities.
  • Motorized room partitions that allow for multiple room configurations so programs and activities can take place simultaneously.
  • An enlarged kitchen space with multiple kitchen upgrades that allows for greater center luncheon attendance.
  • A quiet library room where members can relax and/or read.
  • A greeting area that is separate from the activities area.
  • A public entrance that can accommodate the arrival and departure of buses and emergency vehicles.
  • Redesigned entryway and hallways, improved door thresholds and additional shelving and storage space.
  • A new roof, porch, cupola, windows, walkways and landscaping.
  • New furniture throughout.

A FAQ on the Senior Center renovation can be found here.