The Town of Lyme announced tonight that, at a Special Town Meeting held at 6:00 p.m. at Lyme Town Hall, Lyme residents approved a supplemental budget appropriation of $220,000 for the renovation of the Lymes’ Senior Center. When the renovations are completed, the Senior Center will have:

  • An additional 3,265 square feet of interior space (for a total of 8,737 square feet of interior space) that will enable the center to accommodate more members and activities.
  • Motorized room partitions that allow for multiple room configurations so programs and activities can take place simultaneously.
  • An enlarged kitchen space with multiple kitchen upgrades that allows for greater center luncheon attendance.
  • A quiet library room where members can relax and/or read.
  • A greeting area that is separate from the activities area.
  • A public entrance that can accommodate the arrival and departure of buses and emergency vehicles.
  • Redesigned entryway and hallways, improved door thresholds and additional shelving and storage space.
  • A new roof, porch, cupola, windows, walkways and landscaping.
  • New furniture throughout.

A FAQ on the Senior Center renovation can be found here.