Lyme residents can now help the Town reduce its solid-waste disposal costs by participating in a new food-composting program created in collaboration with Long Table Farm.

The owners of Long Table Farm are allowing Lyme residents who compost their food to empty their food-compost buckets in a drum at Long Table Farm, Wednesdays through Saturdays, from dawn to dusk.

  • Foods that can be composted at Long Table Farm include all food scraps, fruits, vegetables, grains, bones, meats, fats, coffee grounds and tea bags.
  • Items that cannot be composted at Long Table Farm include general garbage, plastic or paper products, biodegradable products, compostable products, pet waste, yard waste and silk tea bags.

Residents who would like to start composting their food can purchase a special food-composting bucket from the First Selectman at Town Hall for $25 – payable by cash or check during regular business hours. Checks should be made payable to “Town of Lyme.”

Residents with questions about the food composting program can contact Selectwoman Kristina White at 860-304-0431.