Invasive Plant Species Resources

The Sustainable Committee recommends the educational resources listed below to residents who are interested in learning more about controlling invasive plant species in Lyme:

State Resources

  • Connecticut Invasive Plant List – This list includes Invasive and Potentially Invasive Plants as determined by the Connecticut Invasive Plants Council in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes.
  • Guidelines for Disposal of Terrestrial Invasive Plants – This guide explains how to properly dispose of invasive plant material.
  • Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group – This organization, which consists of federal, state and town agency staff, researchers, nursery growers, educators, master gardeners, community members and interested citizens, shares information about invasive plant issues affecting Connecticut.

Downloadable Fact Sheets

Downloadable Fact Sheets on Specific Invasive Species (from UConn Extension)

You can find more downloadable fact sheets on other invasive species here.