Boating, Parks & Trails


Lyme’s southern border includes Rogers Lake, which offers opportunities for boating, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, waterskiing, swimming and other popular recreational activities.

  • For the rules and regulations that govern the use of Rogers Lake, click here.
  • For a map of Rogers Lake which specifies the direction and speed of boat traffic, click here.

Parks & Trails

The Town of Lyme has forged important partnerships with the Lyme Land Conservation Trust and the Nature Conservancy’s Connecticut chapter to further our shared preservation and conservation goals – including the maintenance of an extensive network of trails through our parks and preserves that provide access to many beautiful outdoor areas.  The town works closely with a number of conservation organizations to build and maintain trails that link together and often cross many boundaries.  Our parks and preserves with their miles of trails are open to all.

  • For a map of the Town of Lyme showing available trails, click here.
  • For a comprehensive list of trail maps, click here. 
  • For the rules and guidelines that govern the use of our trails, click here.

Supporting Our Parks & Trails

  • To volunteer with the Town of Lyme Open Space Coordinator or the Lyme Land Trust to become a Property Steward for a trail or preserve, or to volunteer in another way, please go here.
  • To donate to the Town for the maintenance of all of its preserves – including the Hartman Park, Mt. Archer Woods, Jewett, Johnston, Young and Czykowski Hill Preserves, and Selden Landing – send a check to Board of Selectmen, 480 Hamburg Road, Lyme, CT 06371; and write “Open Space Maintenance Fund” in the memo line.
  • To read the 1993 report commissioned by the Town of Lyme on the cultural resources of Hartman Park that was written by archaeologist John Pfieffer, click here.  The 302-acre park was donated as a gift to the Town of Lyme by John and Kelly Bill Hartman in 1988.
  • To support the maintenance and preservation of Hartman Park and its beautiful trails, you can make a contribution through the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut to the Hartman Park Endowment Fund – a fund established by the Hartman family to care for the park in perpetuity.  To donate online through the community foundation, go here and select “Hartman Park Endowment Fund“ from the drop-down menu.