Below is a list of regional associations and their corresponding Lyme representative(s).

The minutes of any regional association or agency of which the Town of Lyme is a member may be reviewed by clicking the regional association or agency name (if linked in green).

Cable Advisory Council
Brian Bowes

Civil Preparedness/Emergency Management Director
John Evans
William Firgelewski (Deputy)
Lee Watkins (Deputy)

CT River Gateway Commission
Wendy Hill
J. Melvin Woody (Alternate)

Ledge Light Health District Board of Directors
John Kiker

Lower Connecticut River Valley Council of Governments – Regional Planning Committee
Mary Stone (Selectmen’s Representative)
Vacancy (Alternate)

District #18 Regional School District
Stacy Leonardo
Mary E. Powell-St. Louis

Eight Mile Coordinating Committee
Paul Armond (Alternate)
Anthony Irving 
Parker Lord

Estuary Transit District 
Susan Tyler

Lymes’ Senior Center 
Doris Hungerford
Diana Seckla
Gary Weed

Rogers Lake Authority
Mark Hastings
Dennis Overfield
Toni Phillips

Eastern Regional Tourism District Board of Directors

Valley Shore Emergency Communications, Inc.
John Evans

Water Pollution Control Authority
J. Carter Courtney