Regional Associations

Below is a list of regional associations and their corresponding Lyme representative(s).

Cable Advisory Council

  • Brian Bowes

Civil Preparedness/Emergency Management Director

  • John Evans
  • William Firgelewski (Deputy)
  • Lee Watkins (Deputy)

CT River Gateway Commission

  • J. Melvin Woody
  • Wendy Hill (Alternate)

District #18 Regional School District

  • Stacey Leonardo
  • Mary E. Powell-St. Louis

Eastern Regional Tourism District – Board of Directors

  • Vacancy

Eight Mile River Wild & Scenic Coordinating Committee

  • Paul Armond (Alternate)
  • Parker Lord
  • Regan Stacey

Estuary Transit District – Board of Directors

  • Vacancy

Ledge Light Health District – Board of Directors

  • John Kiker

Lower Connecticut River Valley Council of GovernmentsRegional Planning Committee

  • Mary Stone (Selectmen’s Representative)
  • Vacancy (Alternate)

Lymes’ Senior Center Board of Directors

  • Jeremy Crisp
  • Doris Hungerford
  • Diana Seckla

Lymes’ Senior Center – Building Committee

  • Dan Hagan
  • John Kiker
  • E. Russell Learned
  • Mary Stone

Rogers Lake Authority

  • Mark Hastings
  • Dennis Overfield
  • Toni Phillips

Valley Shore Emergency Communications, Inc.

  • John Evans

Water Pollution Control Authority

  • J. Melvin Woody