Sustainable Committee

The current members of the Sustainable Committee are:

  • Gavin Lodge, Democrat – Chair
  • Liz Frankel, Democrat – Vice Chair
  • Sue Cope, Democrat
  • Sarah Crisp, Democrat
  • Diana Fiske, Republican
  • Carleen Gerber, Democrat
  • Wendy Hill, Democrat
  • John Kiker, Democrat
  • David Lahm, Republican
  • Jim Miller, Unaffiliated
  • Alan Sheiness, Unaffiliated
  • Cynthia Willauer, Democrat

The resolution forming the Sustainable Committee can be found here.

The Sustainable Committee can be reached at this email address.

To see when and where this committee meets next, please visit the Town Calendar.

For More Information

  • Sustainable Committee Meeting Minutes.  Click here.


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