Sustainable Committee

The current members of the Sustainable Committee are:

  • Gavin Lodge, Democrat – Chair
  • John Kiker, Democrat – Vice Chair
  • Sue Cope, Democrat
  • Sarah Crisp, Democrat
  • Diana Fiske, Republican
  • Liz Frankel, Democrat
  • Carleen Gerber, Democrat
  • Wendy Hill, Democrat
  • David Lahm, Republican
  • Jim Miller, Unaffiliated
  • Cynthia Willauer, Democrat

The resolution forming the Sustainable Committee can be found here.

For More Information

  • Sustainable Committee Meeting Minutes.  Click here.

For More Information on Sustainable Activities

The following activities have spun out of or are actively supported by the work of the Sustainable Committee:

  • Affordable Housing.  Visit the Affordable Housing Commission web page here.
  • Equity Resolution.  See the resolution supporting equality for all here.
  • Invasive Species Education & Management.  Find resources for combatting invasive species here.
  • Lyme Pollinator Pathway.  See the resolution declaring Lyme a pollinator-friendly community here.  Visit the Lyme Land Trust web page here and the Facebook page here. 
  • Lymes Creative Arts.  Visit the LYSB web page here and the Facebook page here.