Annual Filing Dates

January 1

  • Supplemental motor vehicle taxes due.

February 20

  • Last day to file assessment appeal application to Board of Assessment Appeals (forms available in Assessor’s office).


  • Board of Assessment Appeals holds hearings.

May 15

  • Last day of payment of taxes due in previous July in order to avoid a tax lien.

June 30

  • Last day to license dog without penalty. Obtain licenses from the Town Clerk.
  • End of Fiscal Year.

August 1

  • Last day for timely payment of taxes levied on the list as of previous October 1.


  • Board of Assessment Appeals holds hearings.

September 30

  • Last day to file Veteran’s Honorable Discharge papers or statement of current service (to be filed with Town Clerk).

October 1

  • List of all personal property owned on this date, except real estate and registered motor vehicles (to be filed with Assessor). Filing by Nov. 1.

October 31

  • List of personal property must be filed on or before Nov. 1 to avoid 25% penalty.
  • Last day to file first time Open Space declaration.