Get Involved

Volunteer To Serve Your Town

The town of Lyme has more than 140 volunteer positions that have to be staffed in order for our town to run efficiently.

Local residents volunteer to serve on town boards, committees and commissions; to represent our town as members of regional organizations; and tackle countless jobs most of us never even think about.

As volunteer positions become available, the Board of Selectpeople appoints replacements from a list of candidates proposed by the Democratic and Republican Town Committees and residents who have expressed interest to the board in the past.  Most of these positions require only a small or periodic time commitment; a few positions are more time intensive.

No matter where your expertise and interests lie, or how much or how little time you have to share, there’s a way you can volunteer to help our Town.  If you’re interested in serving our town by volunteering for a board, committee or commission, please talk to:

  • one or more of the current members serving on the board that interests you;
  • one of our three town selectmen; or
  • the local Democratic or Republican Town Committee.