Welcome to Lyme!

This page features information that new residents often find helpful to know …

Town News

To keep abreast of important Town news and information:

  • Visit the home page of this website regularly.
  • Follow our social media pages on Facebook (for news and information) and Instagram (for beautiful pictures of Lyme).

Assistance with Emergencies

At the local level:

  • If you are experiencing an actual emergency, call 911.
  • Sign up for the official Town email list in the sidebar on the right so we can reach you with urgent news regarding local emergencies, such as major storms or public health advisories.
  • Let our Town’s emergency-management team know if your household may need special assistance during an emergency by filling out a special needs form.

At the regional and state level:

  • Register to receive emergency alerts from the state of Connecticut by phone, text and/or email via CT Alert Emergency Notification System.
  • Download the free smartphone app, “CT Prepares,” available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Review the safety planning manual from Dominion Energy regarding the nuclear power plant located in Waterford.

Phone numbers of other emergency resources to be aware of:

  • Lyme Emergency Operations Center phone number – 860-434-8693.
  • Lyme Fire Company (Hamburg) non-emergency phone number – 860-434-1329 (unmanned, leave a message).
  • Lyme Fire Company (Hadlyme) non-emergency phone number – 860-526-2333 (unmanned, leave a message).
  • Valley Shore Emergency Communications non-emergency phone number – 860-399-7921.
  • State Police Troop F (Westbrook) non-emergency phone number – 860-399-2100.

Home Renovations/Property Alterations

  • All homes and properties in Lyme are governed by various zoning, building code, and wetland and watercourse regulations.These regulations help protect the characteristics that make Lyme so attractive, including our own health and well-being, as well as that of our area fish and wildlife.
  • Please be aware that these regulations are comprehensive, applying not only to new construction and home additions, but even to projects such as solar panels, pools, decks, sheds, the cutting and trimming of trees and vegetation, and much more.
  • Property within 100 feet of our water features and wetlands is governed by both state and local regulations. The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection’s (DEEP’s) “Coastal Property Owner’s Guide” can be found here.
  • If you plan to undertake any alterations to your home or property, please contact our Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZEO) first to find out what permits may be needed and to get briefed on the process.
  • The ZEO can be reached 860-434-7733 or zoning@townlyme.org.

Trash & Recycling

  • To dispose of your household garbage, you will need to contact Jansky Rubbish at info@janskysrubbish.com or 860-434-9271.
  • You can also contract with Jansky to pick up your recyclables.
  • Lyme has a transfer station and a recycling center that residents may use.  (No household garbage can be disposed of at either location.)  You can obtain a transfer station sticker at no cost at Town Hall from the Town Clerk’s office.
  • Household hazardous waste (HHW) must be taken to the HHW facility in Essex. For the details, go here.
  • For complete information on trash and recycling, go here.


Public Library

  • The Lyme Public Library is open five days a week. For complete information, visit the library website.

Preserves & Hiking Trails

  • The Town, together in partnership with the Lyme Land Trust and the Nature Conservancy’s Connecticut chapter, maintains an extensive network of hiking trails and open spaces.  For more information, go here.

Dog Licenses

Mooring Permits

  • The Town offers a limited supply of mooring permits for boats. 
  • To apply for or renew a mooring permit, go to the website OnlineMooring.com.  Once on the website, from the “Get Started” tab, applicants should choose “Town of Lyme, Connecticut” from the list of harbors. Next, click on the green “Apply” button to begin the application process and follow the instructions to submit a mooring application for the coming year.  
  • For more information, please contact the Harbormaster at tom@reynoldsboats.com.

Registering To Vote

  • If you haven’t registered to vote yet in Lyme, you can register online with the Secretary of the State’s office or register in person at Lyme Town Hall during regular business hours.

Town Government

  • If you’d like to get involved in Town government, your participation would be welcomed.
  • Members of the Democratic party should contact John Kiker at johnkiker@gmail.com.
  • Members of the Republican party should contact the Republican Town Committee at lymectrepublicans@gmail.com.
  • Unaffiliated voters should contact First Selectman David Lahm at selectman@townlyme.org.

Quality of Life

  • There are many organizations and activities that can enhance your new life in Lyme. You’ll find some of them listed here.


We hope this information proves helpful to you in your new home.  We are delighted to have you as new residents!