The Town of Lyme announced today that, in order to help alleviate the congestion and unsafe streetside-parking conditions that have occurred in the past near the fairgrounds, the Town will be implementing an on-street parking ban during this year’s Hamburg Fair and the Fair will be offering free shuttlebus service from Lyme Town Hall and the Lyme School.

In announcing the parking ban and shuttlebus service, First Selectman David Lahm said, “Last year, the Hamburg Fair was a huge success for both the Fair Association and the community with record-breaking attendance.  With that success, however, traffic congestion and parking issues became a public-safety concern that needed to be addressed.”

The on-street parking ban will be in effect Friday, Aug. 18, through Sunday, Aug. 20.  The parking ban will extend along Hamburg Road (Route 156) from Cove Road to Joshuatown Road, along Old Hamburg Road, to Joshuatown Road and along Sterling City Road from the main gate of the fairgrounds to Sterling Hill Road. All of these areas will be posted as “No Parking.”  State Police will enforce the ban, ticketing vehicles $85 for improper parking, and vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.

The traditional parking areas for the fair that are staffed by local nonprofit organizations at Reynolds Subaru and the Lyme Congregational Church will continue to be available as usual, but are expected to reach capacity quickly in the evenings.  As a result, the Hamburg Fair Association will be providing a free shuttlebus from Lyme Town Hall and the Lyme School to the fairgrounds. The shuttlebus will run continuously from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday evenings, and will be staffed by the Lyme-Old Lyme High School senior class of 2024.

The Town of Lyme and the Hamburg Fair Association strongly recommend that residents use one of the three official parking locations for their own personal safety and the safety of others; as well as to demonstrate their respect for neighbors’ properties and help support nonprofit and youth group organizations during the fair.